Fossil Ivory

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Model 26-4
Model 26-4 Image
This Pathfinder features a 4" stainless blade, nickel silver hilt, and red and white & blue spacers. The handle is a striking piece of fossil ivory. Furnished with a Model D cover sheath.
GTR Artifact
GTR Artifact Image
The GTR is Gary Randall's dealer special. This example features a 3 1/2" stainless steel blade, Nickel Silver single hilt, Nickel Silver Collar, Fossil Walrus Ivory Tip/Artifact handle. Comes with a tan leather no-hone Model B sheath.
Rick Bowles Special (RBS) Tip
Rick Bowles Special (RBS) Tip Image
This is number #194 of my discontinued Rick Bowles Special (RBS), the first edition of my Randall guarded design dealer special. This example features  a 5-1/2" stainless blade, nickel silver single hilt and nickel silver collar. The handle is a beautifully colored fossil Walrus ivory tip. Total production of the RBS was 330. Of these only four handles were "tips". Furnished with a black model "A" sheath.
Model #3-7 FWI 1960's
Model #3-7 FWI 1960
This model #3 Hunter features a 7" Carbon Steel Blade, Nickel silver single hilt, 7 Spacers (1960's knife) a beautiful Fossil Walrus Ivory handle exhibiting the classic bark checking found on fossil walrus. Furnished with a rough back Johnson sheath with a grey combination hone  and brown logo buttons.
***SOLD*** Model #3-5
***SOLD*** Model #3-5 Image
This Randall Model 3 "Hunter" features a 5" stainless blade, nickel silver single hilt and aluminum/black spacers. The fossil Walrus handle, stunningly colored in tan, brown, orange and gold finishing with a nickel silver butt cap. Furnished with a brown Model A Randall/Sullivan sheath.
Randall Model 5-8
Randall Model 5-8 Image
This "Camp & Trail" features an 8" Stainless Steel Blade with thumb notches, Nickel Silver Single Hilt and Black/Aluminum Spacers. The handle is a beautifully checked piece of bark fossil Walrus ivory. Furnished with a Randall/Sullivan Model "A" Sheath.
7-5 Image
This model #7 "Fisherman - Hunter" features a 5" stainless blade, a nickel silver single hilt and a smooth a nickel silver collar. The handle is a strikingly colored piece of 12,000 year old fossil Walrus ivory with a natural end.
Model #1 - 7
Model #1 - 7 Image
This Randall model # 1 "All-Purpose Fighting Knife" features a 7" stainless blade, double brass hilt, black and brass spacers separating it from the handle.The handle is a beautiful and substantial piece of fossil ivory and finishes with a brass butt cap. Furnished with a brown  model "C" sheath.
@Model 7-5
@Model 7-5 Image
Model 7-5" with fossil walrus ivory handle, stainless blade, nickel silver hilt, silver and black spacers,
single finger grip (aka "Griffin") handle and tan sheath.
Model #6-4.5
Model #6-4.5 Image
This Model #6 "Steak Knife" features a 4.5" stainless steel blade, thumb notches, nickel silver reduced hilt, Randall's iconic red/white/blue spacers and a large, hand filling piece of fossil Walrus with a natural end. Furnished with a black Model "B" sheath.
#11-4 Image
This Randall Model 11-4" Alaskan Skinner is from the collection of Tom Clinton's and features a Rick Bowles wolf scrimshaw (#644) on the fossil handle and custom engraving by Ron Skaggs on the nickel silver hilt and butt plate. The handle is creamy fossil walrus ivory with a stable hairline crack on the right side. Furnished with a smooth back Johnson sheath.
12-11 Image
This gorgeous Bowie features a 13" Carbon Steel Blade, Nickel Silver forward curved hilt, Aluminum/Black spacers, strikingly colored Fossil Ivory handle and a Nickel Silver butt plate. Furnished with a Brown Randall/Sullivan sheath.

All natural handle materials are subject to checking and/or cracking under extremes of temperature and humidity. As such natural materials are not guaranteed.