Exotic Wood

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1-7 black-ash-burl
1-7 black-ash-burl Image
This fighter features a 7" stainless steel blade, brass double hilt, brass and black spacers and a radiused brass butt cap with a thong hole. The handle is a spectacular piece of Black Ash Burl. Furnished with a brown model "A" sheath.
Model #2-4"
Model #2-4" Image
This "Letter Opener/Boot Knife" features a Stainless Steel Blade, Nickel/Silver Hilt, Nickel/Silver Collar, Custom Presentation Ironwood Handle in Commando Shape,
Solid Rounded Nickel/Silver Butt and Black Leather "B" Style Sheath
Model 19-5"
Model 19-5" Image
This "Bushmaster" features a 5" Stainless Blade, Nickel Silver Single Hilt, Spalted Alder and Nickel Silver Butt Cap.
Model 5-4"
Model 5-4" Image
This small "Camp and Trail" features a 5" Stainless Blade, Thumb Notches, Nickel Hilt, Alum. & Black Spacers, Stabilized Afzalia Burl, Concave Handle and Domed Butt Cap. Randall/Sullivan Model A sheath.
Model 8-4" Fighter
Model 8-4" Fighter Image
This "Trout and Bird" was built as a small fighting knife. It features a stainless steel blade, nickel-silver double hilt, black and aluminum metal spacers, Commando shaped stabilized Buckeye Burl handle, rounded aluminum end cap, and brown B model sheath.

All natural handle materials are subject to checking and/or cracking under extremes of temperature and humidity. As such natural materials are not guaranteed.

All the African Elephant ivory from which these knife handles were crafted pre-dates the ivory ban of 1989. Additionally these knives, handled with pre-ban African Elephant ivory, qualify for the de minimis exemption of the current USFWS ivory restrictions and may be traded in interstate commerce.