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***SOLD*** D'Holder Mini RBS
***SOLD*** D
In the late 1980's I contacted famed Arizona knife maker D'Alton Holder about making a limited group of small skinning knives based on my Randall-Bowles dealer special. "D" came through with his customary flawless work crafting a numbered edition of only ten knives. These ten knives, complete with his trademark basket weave sheath, sold out almost as soon as they arrived. Unfortunately Mr. Holder's knife order backlog and busy schedule did not allow us to continue the series and only ten knives were ever made. This example is #03 of 10 and features a 154cm stainless blade, a nickel silver hilt and butt cap Desert Ironwood handle. Furnished with D'Alton Holder's signature basket weave tooled sheath.
Richard Bridwell Stag Folding Hunter
Richard Bridwell Stag Folding Hunter Image
This folding hunter by Richard Bridwell of SC features a 3-1/2" hollow ground blade of 154CM. Back in the mid-1980s I scrimshawed a small Canada goose on the trademark side of the Sambar stag handle scales. The front and rear bolsters are dovetailed and were masterfully engraved in 1984 by now world famous engraver Jon Robyn and is signed by the artist.
Bowles Skinner Custom Handle
Bowles Skinner Custom Handle Image
This offering is blade #325 of my Randall/Bowles Skinner but the custom handle treatment was crafted by James Behring. This gorgeous, segmented, Scagel style handle features a solid copper hilt and spacers followed by Musk Ox, Fossil Walrus, Musk Ox, spacers and a polished Musk Ox tip.
Richard Bridwell 3 Blade Folder
Richard Bridwell 3 Blade Folder Image
This is a very fine three bladed gentleman's folder by Richard Bridwell of SC. All three blades of this slick slip-joint walk and talk! Featuring dovetailed nickel silver bolsters and genuine mother of pearl handle scales.
Mel Pardue Persian Folder
Mel Pardue Persian Folder Image
This slim Persian style folder #007 was crafted in the mid-1980s and is slick, smooth and stylish. It features ATS 34 stainless steel, Rosewood handle scales and nickel silver bolsters. The hardware has been masterfully embellished by world famous engraver Jon Robyn when he was just 22 and is signed by the artist.