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***SOLD***Don Hedrick Damascus Ivory and Scrimshaw
***SOLD***Don Hedrick Damascus Ivory and Scrimshaw Image
This small bird knife by master knife maker Don Hedrick was crafted in 1987. It features a 2-1/2" Damascus blade, dovetailed nickel silver bolsters and ivory handle scales on which I've scrimshawed a wood duck scene.
**SOLD**@Frazier Mini Tanto with Ivory and Scrimshaw
**SOLD**@Frazier Mini Tanto with Ivory and Scrimshaw Image
The late Ron Frazier was an acknowledged artist as well as a celebrated craftsmen. This miniature Tanto/ letter opener features an ivory handle on which I scrimshawed an Asian Great Grey heron scene bordered with cherry blossoms.
***SOLD***@Joe Kious Folder/Stag Engraving
***SOLD***@Joe Kious Folder/Stag Engraving Image
Joe Kious was an extraordinarily talented and passionate Texas knifemaker and a long time supporter of the Knifemakers' Guild.
This early 1980's Kious lockback folding hunter features a 3-1/4" hollow ground blade with a mirror polish. The handle scales are gorgeous Sambar Stag and the blade spine and spring show Joe's mastery with filework. The large nickel silver bolsters feature engraved scenes of a Mountain Goat and a Big Horn Sheep by Jon Robyn. Jon is a world-renowned master engraver and this work from the early 1980's shows his extraordinary talent even at an early age.
**SOLD** L.G. Gentleman's Folder with Ivory and Scrimshaw
**SOLD** L.G. Gentleman
  This Larry Green (L.G.) folder features a mirror polished clip point blade of 154CM stainless, front and rear satin finished nickel silver bolsters and finishes with an integral lanyard ring. In 1985 I scrimshawed the ivory scale with a scene depicting a juvenile mountain lion in a stand off with a prairie dog.
@TMD Jade Lockback Engraved
@TMD Jade Lockback Engraved Image
The late Ted Dowell (TMD) was one of the founding members and past president of the Knife Makers' Guild. He earned the respect of knife makers and collectors around the world with his consistently excellent work. This museum grade gentleman's folder carries a 2-1/4" mirror polished, hollow ground blade and has an overall length of 5-5/8". The handle scales are gem quality Jade and the masterful engraving was executed by Steve Lindsay.