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***SOLD*** Miniature Model #25 Ivory
***SOLD*** Miniature Model #25 Ivory Image
The Mini Trapper was the first edition (1995) of the new Randall Miniature series. This example, number 1390 of 1500, features a brass hilt and butt cap, black/brass spacers, and a pre-ban Elephant ivory handle. This mini Model 25, #1390, is one of approximately only 25 with an Elephant ivory handle . Furnished with the Mini 25 Sheath.
Richard Bridwell 3 Blade Folder
Richard Bridwell 3 Blade Folder Image
This is a very fine three bladed gentleman's folder by Richard Bridwell of SC. All three blades of this slick slip-joint walk and talk! Featuring dovetailed nickel silver bolsters and genuine mother of pearl handle scales.
RKS 5 Mini
RKS 5 Mini Image
This miniature drop point hunter is number 1078 of 1500 made. This was the last club knife made for the Randall Knife Society and a miniature of the Randall Model #28 Woodsman. The mini features a 3 1/2" stainless steel drop point blade, brass single hilt, black micarta border patrol handle and brown sheath.
Miniature Model #25 "Red Dog"
Miniature Model #25 "Red Dog" Image
In the late 1990s Gary Randall had been experimenting on coloring stag with the use of various dyes. One such dye created a nice light raspberry color that the men in the shop called "Red Dog". With only15 crafted before the process was changed, this Red Dog #639 of 1500 is a rare Randall miniature.
Early Mini Bear Bowie
Early Mini Bear Bowie Image
This is an extremely rare first edition Randall Miniature Model 12 Bear Bowie. Features include a 3 3/8 inch stainless blade etched with W.D. Randall's signature, nickel silver forward curved hilt and an antique whale tooth handle. This mini was offered in Rhett Stidham's 1991 "Green Catalog" where Randall shop foreman Pete Hamilton states that there were fewer than 20 miniature Bear Bowies produced and that this knife is probably the only example with an antique whale tooth handle.