Genuine Pre-Ban Ivory Randall Knives

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Model 2-5
***SOLD*** Gambler Ivory 5
***SOLD*** Gambler Ivory 5 Image
This non-cataloged Gambler features a 5" stainless blade. nickel silver reduced hilt, nickel silver collar and a pre-ban Elephant ivory handle. There are a few hairline heat checks/crazing emanating from the collar. These don't show in the image. Furnished with a custom two-tone Gutcher sheath. This sheath was an overrun from my 30th. anniversary series.
Bowles Skinner #036 w/presentation Ivory
***SOLD***Model 13-6
***SOLD***Model 13-6 Image
This Small Arkansas Toothpick features a 6" stainless Steel blade, Nickel Silver forward curved hilt, Aluminum/Black spacers, CW supplied commando shaped Ivory handle, The ivory has a few very small heat checks at the hilt, Nickel Silver butt plate and furnished with a brown Model "B" Randall/Sullivan sheath.

All natural handle materials are subject to checking and/or cracking under extremes of temperature and humidity. As such natural materials are not guaranteed.

We make every effort to mitigate the chance of ivory cracking during shipment. Once the knife is shipped we no longer have any control over it. The customer may specify by which method the knife is shipped, Ground (UPS), Air (Priority Mail) or Overnight (USPS). Extra shipping charges may be incurred for expedited shipping. 

All the African Elephant ivory from which these Randall Made knife handles were crafted pre-dates the ivory ban of 1989. Additionally these knives, handled with pre-ban African Elephant ivory, qualify for the de minimis exemption of the current USFWS ivory restrictions and may be traded in interstate commerce. While these ivory Randall knives are completely legal it’s important to note there will be no more Elephant ivory handled Randalls crafted at the shop after July 6, 2016.