Genuine Pre-Ban Ivory Randall Knives

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Model # 7-5
Model # 7-5 Image
This "Fisherman-Hunter" features a 5" Stainless Steel Blade, Nickel Silver single Hilt, Aluminum/Black Spacers and a Nickel Silver butt cap. The handle is a gorgeous piece of Elephant ivory. Furnished with a brown Model B Randall/Sullivan sheath
Nordic Special Ivory
Nordic Special Ivory Image
This is serial number #498 of Dave Harvey's guarded design Randall dealer special. This Nordic Special Bowie features a 7" stainless blade, nickel silver forward curved hilt, aluminum & black spacers, a gorgeous Elephant ivory handle with a model #22 shape and finishes with a Duralumin "Crow's Beak" butt cap. Furnished with a no-hone model A sheath.
Model 12-8 Silver Bear
Model 12-8 Silver Bear Image
8" Stainless Steel Blade, .999 Fine Silver Lugged Hilt, .999 Fine Silver Collar, Elephant Ivory commando Shaped Handle .999 Silver Flared Butt Cap. Brown Randall/Sullivan Model A sheath
Dragon #12-9
Dragon #12-9 Image
This 12-9" with #14 grind Sportsman Bowie features a stainless Steel blade, nickel silver forward curved hilt, metal/black spacers, a gorgeous striped Elephant Ivory handle, nickel silver butt cap. The trademark side of the handle has been masterfully scrimshawed by Gary Williams aka "Garbo". Furnished with a black custom Sullivan  Crocodile sheath.
Rare Tom Clinton Special
Rare Tom Clinton Special Image
This is an extremely rare Randall Tom Clinton Dealer Special, featuring a 7" Stainless Steel Blade, Forward-Curved Nickel Silver Hilt, Aluminum/black spacers and a flanged smooth Duralumin Butt Cap. Furnished with a black Randall/Sullivan Model A Sheath. Though available with many handle materials, African Elephant ivory handled "TC" specials were strictly reserved for the Clinton family exclusively. I've not seen another for sale at any price.
25-6" EI
25-6" EI Image
This Randall Trapper features a 6" long tool steel blade etched "IVORY ELEPHANT #1", thumb notches, nickel silver hilt and an ivory center section finishing with an aluminum butt cap. Furnished with a brown stitched Model "A" sheath.
Stoddard's "Sergeant" Special Silver
Before there was a Randall non-cataloged Sergeant's Model there was a Stoddard's of Boston dealer special. For over 200 years Stoddard’s of Boston was the largest cutlery dealer in the country. They closed their doors in 2007 after having sold only 300 of their Stoddard's "Sergeant" Dealer Specials. Only six were crafted with Elephant ivory and only two of the six featured ivory and .999 pure silver hardware.
Stoddard's #249 carries eight chargeable options including thumb notches, etching, square top nickel silver hilt, metal and black spacers, ivory, single finger grip shape, nickel silver butt cap and a wrist thong. Supplied with a special ordered black Randall-Sullivan's sheath. 
12-8 Ivory
12-8 Ivory Image
8" Stainless Steel Blade, Nickel Silver Forward Curved Double Hilt, Black/Red fiber spacers, Single Finger Grip (SFG) Elephant Ivory Handle, Nickel silver butt cap. Furnished with a Black Randall/Sullivan Model A Sheath.
Model 3-7 Hunter
Model 3-7 Hunter Image
7" Carbon Steel Blade Brass single hilt 7 Spacers (1960's knife) Ivory Handle (no Butt cap) Brown button JRB Model A sheath
Model 20 1970s Ivory
Model 20 1970s Ivory Image
This 40 year old Randall "Yukon Skinner" features a 4.5" inch blade w/ Thumb Notches, Nickel Silver Single Hilt, 7 fiber spacers, and a very nice Elephant ivory center cut section. Furnished with a Brown Randall/Johnson rough back Model A sheath.
Model #1-5
Model #1-5 Image
This #1-5" has a Stainless Steel blade, Nickel/Silver Forward Curving Hilt, black & silver spacers, elephant ivory handle, no butt cap, Brown Model "A" sheath.

All natural handle materials are subject to checking and/or cracking under extremes of temperature and humidity. As such natural materials are not guaranteed.

We make every effort to mitigate the chance of ivory cracking during shipment. Once the knife is shipped we no longer have any control over it. The customer may specify by which method the knife is shipped, Ground (UPS), Air (Priority Mail) or Overnight (USPS). Extra shipping charges may be incurred for expedited shipping. 

All the African Elephant ivory from which these Randall Made knife handles were crafted pre-dates the ivory ban of 1989. Additionally these knives, handled with pre-ban African Elephant ivory, qualify for the de minimis exemption of the current USFWS ivory restrictions and may be traded in interstate commerce. While these ivory Randall knives are completely legal it’s important to note there will be no more Elephant ivory handled Randalls crafted at the shop after July 6, 2016.